At Konark Infracore, we take pride in providing reliable and efficient equipment for the mining industry. Our machines are specifically designed to handle the demands of the mining process from site selection to material processing. Here’s how our equipment helps in each step of the mining process:

Site Selection

The first step in the mining process is site selection. Our mining excavator is a reliable and powerful machine that can quickly and efficiently excavate large areas of land, making site selection easier and more precise.

Removing Overburden

Before mining can begin, overburden (the top layer of soil and rock) must be removed. Our excavators & wide-body dump truck are perfect for removing large quantities of overburden quickly and safely.

Road Maintenance

Roads are an essential part of mining operations, and our mining grader and dozer is perfect for maintaining the roads on the mining site. With its precise grading and leveling capabilities, our mining grader ensures that roads are in top condition, improving safety and efficiency.

Drilling & Blasting

Drilling and blasting are necessary for accessing the ore body. Our cold milling machine is perfect for drilling holes in hard rock, making drilling and blasting more efficient.

Material Re-handling

After the ore has been extracted, it needs to be moved to the processing plant. Our mining excavator and mining wheel loader are designed to handle material re-handling, making it easy to move large quantities of ore from one location to another

Load & Carry

Our wheel loader & wide-body dump truck is perfect for load and carry operations, making it easy to transport large quantities of ore quickly and efficiently.

Material Processing

After the ore has been transported to the processing plant, it needs to be processed into its final form. Our mining excavator and mining wheel loader are perfect for material processing, allowing for faster and more efficient processing of ore

Site Reclamation

After mining operations are complete, it is important to restore the site to its natural state. Our mining bulldozer and graders is a versatile machine that can be used for site reclamation, including leveling the land and smoothing out rough terrain

At Konark Infracore, we are proud to offer a wide range of mining equipment designed to meet the needs of companies across the mining industry. Our equipment is designed to improve efficiency and safety, making the mining process faster and more cost-effective.

Mining is a complex and multi-step process that requires the use of specialized equipment to ensure that it is done efficiently and safely. Konark Infracore’s range of mining equipment is designed to make the process as smooth and effective as possible.

The first step in mining operation is selection of site. This requires careful analysis of the geological and environmental conditions in the area. Once a site has been selected, it is essential to prepare the land for mining by removing any overburden, which is the top layer of soil or rock that covers the minerals being extracted. This is where the Excavators and Mining Trucks come in handy. The excavators move large quantities of overburden quickly, while the grader helps to level the ground.

After the overburden has been removed, the next step is to create access roads to transport equipment and materials to the site. This is where the Wide Body Dump Truck and Mining Wheel Loader come in handy. The dump truck can transport large quantities of material quickly, while the wheel loader can load and unload materials with ease.

The mining process requires drilling and blasting to extract minerals from the earth. This is where the Mining Excavator is used. It can dig deep into the earth and extract minerals efficiently.

After the minerals have been extracted, they need to be transported to a processing plant. This requires the use of the Load and Carry machine, which can transport materials quickly and efficiently.

Throughout the mining process, it is essential to maintain the roads and other infrastructure. This is where the Soil Compactor and Tandem Roller come in handy. They can help to compact the soil and ensure that roads and other infrastructure remain stable.

Finally, after the minerals have been extracted, it is essential to reclaim the site by restoring the land to its original state. This requires careful planning and execution, and Konark Infracore’s range of mining equipment is designed to make this process as smooth and effective as possible.

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